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Ladies getting their feet worshipped

Lady Karame likes to whip guys and make them do things that she found to be fun for her own enjoyment. Today the mistress chose to have this slave lick her feet but he did not do it as well as she asked him to and that is why she chose to whip him on his bare back. That did the trick and he licked them the way he was asked to.

Goddess Lena was talking shit to her slave. She had caged him while he was naked and she also chose to make him lick her feet as well as her high heels. He did not have a choice but to do what she asked him to do. She would also stop periodically to spit on him before she continued talking to him. When she was done, she let him go.

Mistress Carmela had smelly feet but this guy did not mind as he had a crush on her. She took advantage of that to have fun at his expense. In fact, she degraded him and it was a lot of fun for her as she did it. She had the guy lick her feet as well as smell her socks. What shocked her is that he still looked to be having fun despite what she did to him.

This guy played girls for fun and when goddess Alice and goddess Anastasia found out that they were being played by him, they had to turn tables and have fun at his expense. So one of them invited him to her house where he found both of them and they turned him into a foot slave and they had fun dominating and humiliating him. He had to endure it all.

Madame Marissa had a colleague she considered to be useless. She did not see any value he added to the company and when she had to work with him on a project and he kept dragging her back, she snapped and she punished him to ask him to stay away from her and let her do everything on her own. She trampled and crushed him to make him understand her.

This guy was unruly but he had chosen the worst place to be unruly as mistress Julia and mistress Eva did not like such behavior and they were trying to have a good time and a quiet one at that. So they asked him to stop but he did not. They had no choice but to dominate him with their kinky foot worship and they forced him to shut up.

Mistress Kira had a cousin who was not serious with his life and she did not want him to depend on her when he was older. She also did not want him to be reckless and to go around siring kids he could not afford so she stopped him from making those blunders by turning him into a foot slave and making him worship her feet as she punished him and pumped some sense into him.

Princess Nikki and her friends were having a girls night out and she had a secret thing for them to try out. They did not know what it was and she did not tell them until late that night. She brought a slave and she told them he was their foot slave and he was their to fulfill their foot worship needs. He licked their feet, sucked their toes, was trampled upon and had to endure a lot of humiliation as they had fun at his expense.

This mistress was about to go to work but she had time to ask her slave to lick her feet before she left for work. He had to do it as there was no alternative and he did not want to piss her off as he knew it came with the sort of punishment that he did not want. She enjoyed her foot lick then went to work and had a great day.

Mistress Gaia had procrastinated a lot when it came to punishing this slave. She had thought that he would change and so she did not rush to punish him. But when she realized he was not changing, she knew that she had to do something and she did not hesitate. The mistress used her foot worship to punish the naked slave and she made it both humiliating and painful for him.

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