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Ladies getting their feet worshipped

Mistress Khali was not clearly understood by this guy and she knew it. The mistress felt that he had to learn the other side of her and so she showed him her true colors by torturing as well as dominating him with her shoes. He had to lick and smell them before she used them to trample him. As he choked, he knew that he had to change in order to avoid that punishment in future.

Mistress Cat had to punish this guy because she had caught him doing things she could not pardon. And when she told her friends about it, they also resolved to punish him. So she led them in punishing him and they did it with their feet. The guy was made to cry but none of them felt pity for him and they ignored his tears and ensured he had learned his lesson.

Lady Dark Angel and her friend lady Ashley wanted to show this guy what happened to people like him who messed with them and he had to learn how to do things their way. He was trampled with their boots and he felt pain he had never felt before. He cried and wished he had never messed with them as the punishment was beyond their wildest imagination and he was suffering.

This mistress has tits which are to die for and she knows it. She has a lot of interest from both men and women regarding the same but today she wanted to use them as bait and she did. This guy was baited with the tits and he did what she wanted which was to have her feet licked. And after doing so, the guy did not get anything in return like he had hoped.

Mistress Sabrina was enjoying her time and she did not want to hear anything from her slave. That is why she chose to use her foot punishment to deal with him. The mistress choked him with her shoes and bare feet and as he smelled and licked them, he regretted why he had messed with the mistress and he promised never to do it again. He kept his word as he did not want that to happen again.

Mistress Alexandra was talking to her friend about foot worship fetish but her friend could not understand what she was saying exactly and she decided to show her practically. She came with a slave and she used the slave as a guinea pig. The mistress trampled him cruelly with her high heels and then had him lick and smell her feet. When she was done, she got her friend to do the same too.

Mistress Jardena wanted to humiliate this guy because he had failed to heed her instructions. She did so using her bare feet and her kinky foot worship fetish. The mistress enjoyed how he tried his best to wiggle out of the punishment but he could not. He had to lick her heels and her bare feet before she used her feet to slap him. Then she chased him from her house.

Mistress Tira had a forgetful slave and she did not want to keep reminding him everything he had to do. So the mistress did what she does best and she used her bare feet to punish him. He was made to lick her feet as well as suck her toes and it was something he did as well as she asked him to do. That is what led her to forgive him.

Mistress Enola did not like the things her boyfriend did and she expressed her disappointment and dissatisfaction with what he did by making him her foot slave. The mistress made sure that he licked her feet while they were dirty and she did not talk to him. He had so many questions but she chose to ignore him and give him the silent treatment. She only talked when he had to lick her feet.

This guy had claimed that he was a lot of things and mistress BlackDiamoond bought the lie. When she realized that she had been duped, she had to punish the guy as it was not ok to lie about things like that especially when it involved other people's money. She made sure that she trampled and crushed his neck as well as his head and that he licked her muddy boots.

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