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This mistress felt that this guy was cute but when she took a little bit of interest in him, she realized that he was just a loser. She could not date a loser and so she had to make sure things changed. That is why she forced the guy to suck her toes and she also trampled him in a bid to make him forget her and lose interest in her.

Mistress Sabrina was enjoying her time and she did not want to hear anything from her slave. That is why she chose to use her foot punishment to deal with him. The mistress choked him with her shoes and bare feet and as he smelled and licked them, he regretted why he had messed with the mistress and he promised never to do it again. He kept his word as he did not want that to happen again.

Mistress Alexandra was talking to her friend about foot worship fetish but her friend could not understand what she was saying exactly and she decided to show her practically. She came with a slave and she used the slave as a guinea pig. The mistress trampled him cruelly with her high heels and then had him lick and smell her feet. When she was done, she got her friend to do the same too.

Mistress Jardena wanted to humiliate this guy because he had failed to heed her instructions. She did so using her bare feet and her kinky foot worship fetish. The mistress enjoyed how he tried his best to wiggle out of the punishment but he could not. He had to lick her heels and her bare feet before she used her feet to slap him. Then she chased him from her house.

Goddess Angelica was angered by how this girl tried to ignore her and the message she wanted to pass across. She felt it was time she did something about it and she chose to use her heels to torture and humiliate her. As she trampled her hands, she knew that she would not do what she had done again and that she had gotten the message she was passing across.

Mistress Natasha was tired when she got home. But that did not mean she could not have a little fun. She chose to have her fun by humiliating this guy using her feet. And so she used her feet to trample him but the best thing she did was to make him lick her feet and suck her toes. He had no choice but to do what she asked him.

Lady Karame likes to whip guys and make them do things that she found to be fun for her own enjoyment. Today the mistress chose to have this slave lick her feet but he did not do it as well as she asked him to and that is why she chose to whip him on his bare back. That did the trick and he licked them the way he was asked to.

This guy was unruly but he had chosen the worst place to be unruly as mistress Julia and mistress Eva did not like such behavior and they were trying to have a good time and a quiet one at that. So they asked him to stop but he did not. They had no choice but to dominate him with their kinky foot worship and they forced him to shut up.

Mistress Zephy wanted to dominate this guy and she did it after she had flirted with him. She was trying to make him not realize that she was making fun of him and she was taking advantage of him. As he enjoyed how she flirted with him, she was making him lick as well as smell her feet and sitting on his dick. But he could not say anything about it.

Mistress Ronja went to this investment banker and she got advice from him on how to invest. She used his advice but instead of making money, she lost money. She was so pissed by him and she knew she had to force him to refund her the amount she had lost. And as he would not agree to any wrong doing, she made him eat her poo and that is when he took her seriously and he gave her back what she had lost.

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