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Mistress Lana was pissed at how her brother kept taking her stuff without permission. Today he took her money and she confirmed from CCTV footage in the house that it was him. She was pissed at him and she chose to punish him. She did this using her smelly feet and he was degraded and had to learn never to do that again or else the punishment would be worse.

Mistress Fox has a foot fetish. She loves kinky foot worship and she does not let anyone mess with her. This guy tried to and he lived to regret it. The mistress forced the loser to do everything the way she wanted. He had to lick them in the exact way she wanted it. She sat back and enjoyed everything he did as the whip she had in hand made him do the right thing.

Mistress Alisa did not like how this guy was after her man. She had warned her to keep her distance but she did not. She had no choice but to put an end to it. She did this by forcing him to lick her shoes and to trample the girl cruelly and painfully. The girl had no choice but to stop as she knew what sort of trouble she was subjecting herself to by not stopping.

Mistress Diana felt that this loser needed to do things that she told him and not things that he told himself. She had told him politely about it but he did not do it. She had to ensure he did what she asked so she got him to lick her bare feet which she had made sure were smelly and sweaty. All that time, she was chatting on her phone.

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