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Lady Scarlet and her friends wanted to try kinky foot worship because they felt that it was good and that they would have a lot of fun doing it. They also liked it because it was a humiliating way to teach someone who had messed with them a lesson and so they felt it was a necessary skill to have. They had a great time trying it out together as they watched videos of it.

Lady Scarlet did not care about the age of this guy. All she knew was that he had messed up and he needed to be punished. She did not hesitate to do it and she made sure that he learned his lesson and that he would never do what he had done again. So she used her boots to trample as well as crush his head and his face before she went on to do the same to the rest of his body.

Lady Scarlet noticed how her friend struggled to punish and deter those who messed with her. She came to her friend's rescue and did it by teaching her how to punish. She punished the guy who had messed with her friend as her friend watched and learned how to do it. Lady Scarlet even let her try it for herself before she knew that her friend had learned how to do it.

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