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This guy played girls for fun and when goddess Alice and goddess Anastasia found out that they were being played by him, they had to turn tables and have fun at his expense. So one of them invited him to her house where he found both of them and they turned him into a foot slave and they had fun dominating and humiliating him. He had to endure it all.

Mistress Kira had a cousin who was not serious with his life and she did not want him to depend on her when he was older. She also did not want him to be reckless and to go around siring kids he could not afford so she stopped him from making those blunders by turning him into a foot slave and making him worship her feet as she punished him and pumped some sense into him.

Princess Nikki and her friends were having a girls night out and she had a secret thing for them to try out. They did not know what it was and she did not tell them until late that night. She brought a slave and she told them he was their foot slave and he was their to fulfill their foot worship needs. He licked their feet, sucked their toes, was trampled upon and had to endure a lot of humiliation as they had fun at his expense.

This guy had messed up with these mistresses' money and they wanted it back. All of it. He was asked politely and he had a lot of excuses. It got to a point that they did not want to hear anymore of his excuses. And that is what led to mistress BlackDiamoond leading her friends lady Alice and goddess Vanessa to trample and torture the guy until he paid them.

Goddess Alice did not like how nasty this lady was and she had to do something about it. She felt that it was time to teach the lady a lesson and she did not hesitate to use her foot fetish on her. She had to lick her boots and endure a few slaps before she agreed to change as she did not want to feel that kind of pain again.

This slave messed with the wrong mistress and he regretted it when the mistress used a croissant to punish him. She crushed it with her bare feet and then she made sure that he ate all of it. He had no choice but to eat it and he ate it according to her instructions. He wished he had never pissed her off as she was having a field day at his expense.

Mistress Alisa did not like how much of a loudmouth her friend was. She had to teach her never to do it again and she went ahead to make sure that it happened. The mistress turned her friend into a foot slave and she had her lick her feet as well as her shoes. And she warned her that that was an easy punishment. If she messed again, it would not be as lenient.

Mistress Zephy wanted to dominate this guy and she did it after she had flirted with him. She was trying to make him not realize that she was making fun of him and she was taking advantage of him. As he enjoyed how she flirted with him, she was making him lick as well as smell her feet and sitting on his dick. But he could not say anything about it.

Lady Scarlet did not care about the age of this guy. All she knew was that he had messed up and he needed to be punished. She did not hesitate to do it and she made sure that he learned his lesson and that he would never do what he had done again. So she used her boots to trample as well as crush his head and his face before she went on to do the same to the rest of his body.

Mistress Lana loves her feet and she loves getting them pampered as much as she can. And since she did not want to go to the spa to have them pampered, she chose to get a guy to do it. This guy was her choice and she forced him to lick her feet. When he was done, he had to rub them according to her instructions, and he did it.

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